Mrs. Claudie Haigneré, Universcience CEO visited China Science and Technology Museum

As one of the 60th anniversary activities of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, Mrs. Claudie Haigneré, Universcience CEO led her delegation to visit China Science and Technology Museum, accompanied by Mr. Norbert Paluch, Counselor for Science & Technology, France Embassy in China in the afternoon of April 15th.

Mr. OU Jiancheng, Deputy-Director of China Science and Technology Museum showed his warm welcome and introduced the general information after the New Museum was opened. Mrs. Claudie Haigneré showed her admire in the unique building, vivid science shows and fine exhibits of the Museum, especially impressed by the Ancient Chinese sciences and technologies in the Glory of China gallery.

Mrs. Claudie Haigneré was the only female astronaut selected by the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and has been to the space with the spacecraft Soyuz for many times and worked in the Russian Space Station Mir and International Space Station. She was fairly interested in the exhibitions on the astronomy in Challenges and Future gallery, and entered the dummy module of the Shenzhou III, high stimulation living module of a space station and experiment module to experience again the life and work of an astronaut.

Mr. OU gave the introduction books on ‘China Ancient Technology Exhibition’ to Mrs. Claudie Haigneré as gift and communicated on the cooperation with the ‘China Ancient Technology Exhibition’ as an emphasis.

By China Science and Technology Museum


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