The Blue Sheep by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Awarded as One of the Ten Best Short Films

On February 27th, 2014, the 19th China TV Documentary Award was held in Nanning, a southwestern city in Guangxi province of China. The Blue Sheep, a science popularization documentary in the Chinese precious species produced by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and DOCUCHINA was awarded as one of the Ten Best short films.

The Award is the largest and most authoritative evaluation on documentaries with most calculations in China. It gathered the domestic elites in documentary field and outstanding works by many organizations. The 19th Award, co-hosted by CCTV, Chinese Association of TV Artists, The Administration of Broadcast, Films and TV of Guangxi Province, and co-held by Documentary Channel of CCTV, Guangxi TV and TV Documentaries Committee affiliated to Chinese Association of TV, was set into such 6 categories in 27 awards as Ten Best, Ten Excellent, Volumes, Series and etc. It attracted nearly 700 works from the TV stations and organizations of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

The Blue Sheep was the fourth science popularization documentary of the Chinese precious species solo designed by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum with the great support from the Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology and Shanghai Foundation for Science Popularization Development. The crew has been to Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Qinghai Province to follow and take the record of the blue sheep, the Class 2 National Protected Species of China, overcoming the bitter cold and high attitude anoxia. The documentary revealed the mystery of blue sheep’s climbing ability by 3D animation. It is the second work which was awarded as Ten Best after the Chinese Salamander, the first documentary of Chinese precious species. The Award is nothing but an affirmation and encourage to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

(By Shanghai Science and Technology Museum)

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