Giraffe as a Living Tallest Animal in the World Joined Kunming Zoological Museum

Recently, the giraffe, born in Africa and will spend whole life in Kunming zoological museum of yuantong mountain, is looking forward to see you with craning their long neck. This success is last more than 4 month from taxidermists who treat whole hides, made models and skin suture. Its skeleton will be made in specimen in the future and around himself.  
Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis), who means “camel in a leopard print” translated from Latin, is one of even-toed hoofed mammals in Africa, They are living tallest animal in the world. They stand 6 -8 m in height and weights about 700kg, their cubs stand 1.5m when they born; their neck are very long (about 2m) and have seven vertebrae as same as other mammal; they have long and strong limbs and hooves which as large as dinner plate; their teeth is brachyodont, thus they feed on leaf instead grass; they use long tongue to get food and horns are coated fur. Their heart is 50 centimeters wide and lung capacity is 50 grams. The height of giraffes required them to have a higher blood pressure than other animals, because only then can they pump blood to “far-away” brain. Blood pressure of giraffe is about 3 times as adult. Since they have long neck, the valve on ears will help them to regulate blood pressure and prevents the rise in blood pressure.
Giraffes, living in the savanna of Africa, are herbivores and feed on twigs and leaf. Wild giraffe’s life is about 27 years old and the domestic’s life is about 29 years old. They live mainly in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and much of Africa.


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