The 4th Beijing Science Festival Brings Together Diversified International Popular Science Resources

Since its launch on September 18th, the 4th Beijing Science Festival has proved to be a highly welcomed event for the general public in Beijing, particularly youngsters, with the participation of Beijing citizens exceeding 100,000.

The activities of this year’s Beijing Science Festival involved not only multiple popular science organizations from Beijing but also 21 institutions dedicated to furthering the public understanding of science from 12 countries and Chinese Hong Kong and Macao regions.

At the science festival, which is a de facto science carnival for people of all ages to play and learn in an environment soaked in science, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute of Switzerland would teach you how to make your own nano cars; the Royal Society of the UK would enable you to experience the fun of chemistry; the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure of Germany would make it possible for you to see the wonder of air balloons......other institutions from Argentina, Finland, South Africa, the United States etc. jointly presented to visitors the enormous charm of science. 

For the first time, organizations from the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions joined the Beijing Science Festival with their own exhibitions. In front of the display zones of the Macao Science Center and the Morningstar Inc. Hong Kong, exhibit items such as the Magic Wall, the Distorted Images and Reflections, the Jigsaw Puzzle Mirror, the Painting of Reversed Conception and so on, enabled us to have a taste of the superb scientific concepts and creative ideas of our Kong Kong and Macao colleagues.

The 4th Beijing Science Festival, which ran for five consecutive days from 18th to 22nd September, brought together 351 interactive popular science items featuring such themes as energy and environment, food and health, science and technology for national defense, natural sciences, telecommunication technology, automobile science popularization, space and lunar exploration, medical care and health, cutting-edge science and technology, creative thinking, disaster prevention and reduction......just to name a few of them.   

  (by China Science and Technology Museum)


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