Volunteer Service Encouraged in Chongqing Science and Technology Museum

The volunteer team of Chongqing Science and Technology Museum was founded in 2009. In these 5 years, the team with its 2445 volunteers has worked 15570 times in the different posts in the Museum, contributing positively to the development of the commonweal science popularization.

In the afternoon of March 23rd, the Museum held its 2014 Volunteer Service with Goodwill and 2013 Excellent Volunteer Commendation. The Volunteer Service with Goodwill has been held 3 times, solely designed by the volunteers in Chongqing Science and Technology Museum and showed by the students in such 8 universities and colleagues as Chongqing Normal University, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, etc. hoping to explore the fun and joy in sciences by the public.

The 2014 Volunteer Service with Goodwill was showed in theme of Science Grocery Store, telling what a family hears and sees there. It reflected that we have sciences everywhere, and also the wastes could be treasures if we treat them properly. Besides, it has enhanced the teamwork and popularization, and raised the influence of the volunteer service.

March meets the Chinese Month for Youth Volunteer Service. The Museum, with Chongqing Young Volunteers Association, commends the excellent volunteers of the last year in every March to thank their perfect dedications during their volunteer services and the great contributions to the commonweal science popularization, and encourage more to join the team.

(By Chongqing Science and Technology Museum)


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