A Kindergarten’s Happy Trip to Science Popularization Theater of Kunming Natural History Museum of Zoology

The science popularization theater of Kunming Natural History Museum of Zoology has entered into trial operation stage since this March. More and more advanced technologies have been applied into the science popularization of animals, indicating that the Museum is enhancing its exhibition ways to bring more surprises to the public.

On March 28th, a hundred kindergarten kids came to the Museum to experience its science popularization theater. They were excited at and exclaimed with the huge images and shocking sound effect in the 40-minute film. They said the Museum is more attractive with a science popularization theater, hoping to experience more funny ways in science popularization of animals.

The Museum has not only the rich specimens, but also a theater to show more vivid knowledge of animals and secrets of the Nature to the public.

(By Kunming Animals Museum)


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