Corporation Museums with Good Development

As reported, there are more than 150 museums, large and small, in Beijing now, among which, 49 are corporation museums. Beijing has the largest number of museums in China, and is only second in the number to London of Great Britain.

Recently, the construction of the corporation museums has attracted high attentions. The ties between businesses and culture organizations are increasingly strengthening.

Businesses will realize the further popularization and promotion, bring the wider influence, and advance the internal activities on business culture with the cooperation with the culture organizations. In terms of the future development, businesses should not only do the core operations, but also make a continual investment on their own cultures to endow the operations and products more elements in culture and science.

Nowadays, businesses have regarded museums favorably, and realized the social responsibility by such culture organizations as museums. Businesses can show the history and culture in their own museums, communicating directly with public. Thus, the construction of corporation museums in Beijing starts early, which attracts many capable businesses to devote themselves to the construction of the corporation museums. For instance, the Telecom Museum of China Telecom has set up a good model for the telecom corporations to construct their own museums. First, it leads the affiliates of China Telecom to construct museums, like Yunnan Telecom Museum, Guangxi Telecom Museum and Hangzhou Telecom Museum. Second, it promotes the construction of the museum in telecom industry. Therefore, the history, archives, yearbooks and the information on the relic has been well collected, preserved, showed and studied, which makes the indispensable treasure in the development of the telecom corporations.

The reason why culture in public welfare attracts the attention from corporations increasingly lies in the themes. They are hot topics of the society, like energy saving, Environment Protection, Social Responsibility. It is because of the positive participation from the corporations that cultural organizations and museums are rich and colorful in activities.

The construction of corporation museums is paid more and more attention by businesses. It’s really pleasant that the construction of the corporation museums provide a good support to the accumulation, preservation, use and study of the cultural heritages of the corporations.

            By CHENG Jingsheng of Telecom Museum of China Telecom


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