Do you really know the earth?

On Jan.31, China Science and Technology Museum invited Dr. Zhang Jinshuo, senior engineer of the Institute of Zoology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to deliver a science popular lecture about the earth. 525 audiences attended the lecture.

The earth is known as the only blue planet which has life in the solar system and is home to all the creatures. However, as our most familiar place, there are too many unknown waiting for discovery. At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Zhang asked many questions to the audience especially the children. He questioned what was beyond the sky? What was beneath the ground? Why the wind blew? Was the earthquake happened because of the monsters? All the questions caused the children’s imagination. Then Dr. Zhang started his lecture from the sea and 35 meters blue whale, and explained why there were no such big creatures on the land. Through the evolution of the earth, he introduced the origin of life, evolution of plants, Cambrian explosion, characteristics and distribution features of plants and animals in various areas of the world. In the end of his lecture, Dr. Zhang listed some representative animals in some areas such as China's southwest mountain, Philippine Islands, Mediterranean in Europe, Caribbean in Central America, and the Brazilian rainforest in South America. The animals included tarsier, dormouse, white-lined broad-nosed bat, echidna, nestor notabilis, etc. Through his humorous speech and vivid examples, Dr. Zhang led the audience to get a comprehensive understanding of the blue planet we lived by from many aspects such as climate, environment, biology and resource. He called on everyone to love and cherish the earth and attach importance to biodiversity conservation, because everybody was responsible for protecting the earth!

(by China Science and Technology Museum)
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