CEOs of Science Centers in Canada and America Visited China Science and Technology Museum

On Jan.12, Ms. Lesley V Lewis, the former CEO of Ontario Science Centre, Mr. Guy Labine, CEO of Science North, and Mr. Dean S Briere, CAO of Arizona Science Center, visited China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM). Dr. Shu Wei, the director-general of CSTM, met with the Canadian and American friends. Mr. Ou Jiancheng, vice director of CSTM, and Mr. Ren Haihong, director of the Department of Visitor Service of CSTM were present.
Dr. Shu Wei introduced the present situation of the fast development of China’s Science and Technology Museums and focuses in the next five years, as well as the plans of educational activities’ R&D, and the policy of leaning forward the educational resources to central and western regions of China.
Ms. Lesley V Lewis introduced the lectures they delivered in Beijing, Shandong Province, Guangdong Province and Henan Province in China. She believed China had a prosperous development tendency in Science and Technology Museums, all the staff especially the senior leaders of the museums were full of enthusiasm and hope towards establishing a new generation and new type of Science and Technology Museums. She also pointed out the main problems of current Science and Technology Museums in China. Mr. Guy Labine and Mr. Dean S Briere separately introduced their projects including small size theme-theatres, “Maker Center” and “Exchange Center for Specimen in Nature”. All these projects were very popular in local communities. The interactive activity of “Maker Center” with Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School were highly appraised and actively participated by the teachers and students. In the end, to the upcoming ASPAC 2016 annual conference held in CSTM, Ms. Lesley V Lewis suggested it was better to hold a Science and Technology Museum Directors' Forum, in order to communicate the useful and successful experiences.
After the meeting, the guests visited the “Glory of China” exhibition and special effect theaters. Ms. Lesley V Lewis once served as the consultant of CSTM and was quite familiar with the exhibitions. She introduced the unique exhibits and vivid science shows to other guests. They hoped to visited CSTM once more in May, 2016, simultaneous attending the ASPAC 2016, to communicate with China’s counterparts of Science and Technology Museums.

(by China Science and Technology Museum)
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