Visitors Spend a Happy Time in China Science and Technology Museum during the Spring Festival

From Feb 10 to 13, China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) received 125924 visitors in 4 days during the Spring Festival, and it reached the peak number of 36251 visitors on Feb.11. All the staff of CSTM went all out to ensure the museum running successfully and smoothly.

In the beginning of Monkey year, CSTM held many activities and exhibitions towards the theme of “Monkey”, such as temporary exhibition themed “Talk about Monkey in the year of Monkey”, science show named “Monkey King Show”, etc. Visitors could experience the interactive exhibition such as “the Somersault Monkey”, DIY toys as “Climbing Pole Monkey”, 3D printing Monkey toys, and the old Beijing custom objects exhibition “Mane People Monkey”. They also watched the science show “Artemisinin VS Plasmodium”, joined the activities like “Hunting the Treasure”.

Also, CSTM continued to exhibit the temporary psychology exhibition “Be All You Can Be” and organized popular science lecture “Let’s talk about Monkey in the year of Monkey”.

Many news media reported the above activities in CSTM. The media including CCTV, Guangming Online, Sina, Beijing Evening News, etc.  


(by China Science and Technology Museum)
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