Let’s talk about the robots in science fictions

On Feb.21, Mr. Li Bo, lecturer of China Science and Technology Museum, delivered a science popular lecture about the robots in science fictions. 507 audiences attended the lecture.
After his first lecture of Dec.20, 2015, Mr. Li Bo threw himself into the preparation of new lecture with enthusiasm. Besides his daily work, he took his spare time to collect related material about robots, such as films, videos and books.

In the beginning of the lecture, he inspired audiences to think back the robots films or real robots. He pointed out the word “robot” was origin from Czech language and mean “servant”. The robots were designed to serve people.
In order to let the audience know the current situation and technological level of the robots, he showed videos about the most advanced robots in the world: Japan’s ASIMO and USA’s Atlas. Then he talked about whether the robots would replace people in the future. He believed we should correctly treat the future of the robots. No matter how the robots developed, they could not leave human and nature, and were designed under human’s ideas. We should lead them to a brighter future.


                                                                                                                 (by China Science and Technology Museum)

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