Exploring the Silk Road, Experiencing Science—“One Belt, One Road” Freehand Long Paper Exhibition Opened to the Public

On May 26, “One Belt, One Road” freehand long paper exhibition and new books ceremony celebrating the first publication opened in China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM). The two new books were named “Freehand Long Paper of One Belt and One Road” and “Color Graph of One Belt and One Road”. It was co-hosted by Science and Technology of China Press and CSTM, undertaken by Suzhou Promotion Association Forspread of Science and Technology. Mr. Pang Xiaodong,  Deputy Director-general of CSTM, Mr. Xie Chensheng, Honorary Chairman of China Cultural Relic Society, Mr. Du Yue, Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, attended the ceremony in company with more than 100 experts and scholars.
In order to promote the public understanding of “One Belt and One Road” strategical and historical meaning, the exhibition chooses important events and figures in ancient Chinese Silk Road, both in lands and seas. It is featured with long paper painting which presents 5000 years of ancient Chinese silk culture.  
The exhibition is free opened to the public until June 26, 2016.
(by China Science and Technology Museum)
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