Popular Science Lecture about Drones Held in China Science and Technology Museum

On Nov. 11, 2015, China Science and Technology Museum invited Mr. Wang Yanan, the associate editor-in-chief of the magazine “Aerospace Knowledge”, to deliver a science lecture named “Will the drones dominate the sky?” to 445 audiences.

According to the data of American Consumer Electronics Association, the total amount of global civilian drones sold in 2015 will be 400, 000 and the market size is expected to increase by 55% than last year. It is also expected the total amount of global civilian drones in 2018 will increase to at least 1 billion dollars, just as an explosive growth. Recently China Science and Technology Museum held a temporary exhibition themed “Chinese Dream, Technology Dream-Exhibition about Aircrafts and Drones”, in conjunction with this science lecture.

Mr. Wang Yanan, started his presentation from the ancient aircrafts such as “Kongming latern”, “flames in the surface water”, “fire balloon” and etc. , engaged the audience in the topic of the emergence and development of modern aircrafts , especially the unmanned aircrafts—the drones. He provided detailed information on their applications on wars, as well as on city management, police, agriculture, weather, emergency rescue and disaster relief, etc. The lecture deepened the audiences’ understanding about the drones, towards the history, key technology, application and development.

In the end of the lecture, more than 300 questionnaires were retrieved. Later, the staff of China Science and Technology Museum will make statistical analysis on these questionnaires in order to improve future’s science lectures.


(by China Science and Technology Museum)


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